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ROHM Theatre Kyoto South Hall

  • ¥6,000 (S seat, reserved)
  • ¥4,000 (A seat, reserved)

French percussionists TRIO SR9, who constantly explores new performance techniques, will perform a collaboration with Sandra Nkaké and La Chica. Known for recording from his home studio in Kyoto, SHOW-GO brings his enthralling beatboxing to the stage.

Artist アーティスト


Since encountering beatbox videos on YouTube during his junior high school years, he spent his das training to become a self-taught human beatboxer. He self produces everything from songwriting, track making to video production, such as “Beatbox Only”, a track with no overdubbing using only the sounds produced by his mouth. Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan. Now based in Kyoto, where he releases his works produced in his home studio to the world.

Trio SR9

With their ability to move seamlessly from the triangle to the donkey jaw, cymbals to Chinese gong, vibraphone to wind machine, percussionists are undoubtedly the most atypical members of the classical orchestra. No surprise then that many of them were early adopters of wayward musical bi roads, involving themselves in the most eclectic styles and forms: Paul Changarnier, Nicolas Cousin and Alexandre Esperet are a case in point. Having set their sights on the marimba – a Latin American xylophone, cousin of the African balaphon – they decided to use it as the main vehicle for their artistic dreams and set about adapting Bach, Satie, Ravel and the best in contemporary composition to the instrument. In their last album “Déjà Vu” which was released in 2022, they decided to take on some of the biggest pop hits of the latest years (Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Rosalia…) but re-arranged only with their beloved acoustic percussion instruments. The Trio SR9 (‘square root 9’) was awarded by prestigious prizes.

©Julien Mignot

Sandra Nkaké

Born in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1973. At the age of 12, she moved to France. Nkaké was passionate about music from an early age, particularly Prince whom she discovered as a teenager.
In 2008, Nkaké released her debut album “Mansaadi”, supporting the record with over 200 concerts around the world, including tours in Africa and Brazil. She recorded a tribute to Donny Hathaway on Stéphane Belmondo’s 2011 album “Ever After”. This album was released on Jazz Village record label. Nkaké’s expressive voice made her a staple on the French soul scene. She received the Frank Ténot prize at the Victoires du Jazz ceremony in July 2012. In September 2017, she released her third album “Tangerine Moon Wishes”, which she considered her most personal record.

©Jî Drû


One side of the ocean is Latin America, intense and mystical land. On the other side, there is Paris, Belleville, multicultural, urban and modern land. Through her music, La Chica reunites those two worlds by proposing a collage of sound textures, borrowed from her cultural heritage and various modern influences, by breaking the established codes. It’s around the piano and keyboards that her universe got built, skillfully mixing her classical inspirations (such as her love for Debussy) with the depth of aerial layers of analog synth. Unhidden, the french-venezuelian conveys raw emotions, between abstract thoughts and poetical introspection.

© Adriana Berroteran

Venue 会場

ROHM Theatre Kyoto South Hall

​​This intimate medium-sized hall has 716 seats. The stage floor can be assembled, allowing a wide range of structures to suit different styles of performance, including a thrust stage through the audience seating.

13 Okazakisaishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City 606-8342 JapanOpen in Google Maps
10 minutes’ walk from Higashiyama Station (Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line).
Kyoto City Bus Nos 32 or 46 to “Okazaki koen / ROHM Theatre Kyoto / Miyako messe mae”.

Photo: Yasushi Ichikawa

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