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Komyo-in Zen Temple

  • ¥10,000 (S seat)
  • ¥8,000 (A seat)

© Lucille Reyboz

Known as the 'Golden Voice of Africa,' Salif Keita will play in a hidden Japanese garden as an acoustic trio for the first time—a once-in-a-lifetime moment exceptional to KYOTOPHONIE.

Artist アーティスト

Salif Keita

Known around the world as “The Golden Voice of Africa,” Salif Keita’s unique sound blends the traditional styles of his West African homeland with influences from Cuba, Spain, Portugal, and the Middle East. The instrumentation that accompanies his singing represents a fusion of European and African popular music, ranging from guitar, organ, and sax to traditional African instruments such as the kora, balafon, and djembe, often synthesized and sampled. He has enjoyed a prosperous career not only in his native Mali, where he was awarded the National Order of Guinea, but also in Europe and America, where he became well-known after moving to Paris and collaborating with other African musicians based there.
After many struggles, Keita has learned to tap into the pain of life and to transcend it in cathartic song. Keita ranks among the most celebrated African singers and he has received Grammy nominations for his albums “Amen,” “Papa,” and “Moffou.”

© Lucille Reyboz

Venue 会場

Komyo-in Zen Temple

The temple was founded in 1391 at the beginning of the Muromachi period (1392-1573) by Meisho Kinzan, the chief priest of Tofukuji Temple. Marishiten, the guardian deity of victory, is enshrined in the front garden just inside the temple gate. The main garden, Hashin-tei, also known as the ‘rainbow moss temple’, is a dry landscape garden created by landscape architect Mirei Shigemori in 1939, together with the Tofuku-ji Hojo Garden.

15-809 Hommachi, Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto 605-0981 Kyoto Prefecture.Open in Google Maps
Keihan Line “Tobakaido” station, 5 min on foot
JR or Keihan Line “Tofukuji” station, 10 min on foot
City bus or Keihan bus “Tofukuji” bus stop, 10 min on foot

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