2024.04.13 sat

21:00 ー till late

Los Graciosos / Black Boboi and more.


  • ADV 2500(+1d)
  • DOOR 3000(+1d)
  • PASSPORT 1500(+1d)
  • STUDENT 1500(+1d)

KYOTOGRAPHIE 2024, the Kyoto International Photography Festival, now in its 12th year, and KYOTOPHONIE, a borderless music festival in its second year, will celebrate the opening of these two international art festivals with a Kick Off Party at METRO, the oldest club still in existence in Japan.

In conjunction with Lucien Kulleg's exhibition "Gypsy Tempo," one of the main programs of this year's KYOTOGRAPHIE, "Los Graciosos," a band from Catalonia that is creating a new sound of gypsy music, will be invited. In addition, "Black Boboi," a unit consisting of Utena Kobayashi, Julia Shortreed, and ermhoi, three rare performers in the Japanese music scene, will perform. BING" is an improviser and DJ who presides over the performance artist collective ANTIBODIES Collective and has been involved with Christian Marclay's world tours and John Zorn. YAMA" plays at outdoor festivals and parties all over Japan, transcending genres in every direction. Max Pela, a native of the Dominican Republic, is one of the top DJs representing Deep House/Afro House music and continues to perform all over the world. YUKARI BB" from Jazzy Sport Kyoto, a music crossroads in Kyoto, who is also active on the worldwide network. Artists who are active on the world stage without borders will gather in one place.

Artist アーティスト

Los Graciosos

Los Graciosos, the new sound of Rumba Gitane, originated from the vibrant gypsy neighborhoods of Barcelona in the 1950s and later found its roots in the south of France, particularly in the Camargue in the South of France. Born out of the creative dynamic influenced by legendary guitarist Manitas de Plata and the global echo of the Gypsy Kings saga, Los Graciosos emerged in 2018 when cousins from the Cortes, Ximenez, and Gabarri families came together to form a professional group. Their name, "Los Graciosos," naturally reflects their musical journey.

With a focus on the essential historical repertoire of Catalan Rumba Gitane, Los Graciosos have established themselves on the front stage through their talent and interpretation. They not only masterfully interpret the traditional repertoire but also contribute with their own compositions, creating a unique sound that blends rumba and flamenco. Led by Jose Maria "Peruche" Cortes, the group encompasses vocal prowess, inventive percussion, and harmonious guitar and keyboard arrangements by the talented members of the ensemble.

This concert mirrors the KYOTOGRAPHIE exhibition of French photographer Lucien Clergue. Clergue not only took photographs of Manitas de Plata but also played a crucial role in bringing him to global recognition. Credited with "Artistic direction" on Hommages, Clergue was more than just that; he served as a manager and mentor. Thanks to Clergue's guidance, Manitas transitioned from local fame in the Camargue to international stages, including Carnegie Hall (where he performed 14 times) and Japan.

Black Boboi

In June 2018 Black Boboi was formed by Utena Kobayashi, Julia Shortreed, and ermhoi following the launch of their music community label, BINDIVIDUAL. In January 2019 the group released the mini-album “Agate”, and in August of the same year, they performed on the Red Marquee Stage at FUJIROCK FESTIVAL'19.
In November 2020 Black Boboi released their first album “SILK” and in December 2023 they performed at Mutek JP. Each member is also active in a wide range of fields as a solo artist.



Toshio BING Kajiwara began his musical career in the early 90s in New York, with improvisational performances using magnetic tapes and SP records, later touring with Christian Marclay.
He planned and managed the performance art and experimental music event series "PHONOMENA" for five years at "TONIC", a space directed by John Zorn. As manager of the long-established used record store "A-1 Record Shop", Kajiwara also contributed to the discovery and reevaluation of forgotten music for over 13 years.
After returning to Japan, he worked in the performing arts, presenting many productions both in Japan and abroad. In 2015, Kajiwara launched "ANTIBODIES Collective", a series of activities that support regional revitalization and art education projects.


YAMA began DJing in 1994. Her career in music began at DMR Osaka, one of the biggest record shops in the 90s. She also worked as a buyer at Newtone Records, a record power spot in Osaka, from its opening and remains a staff member today.
In collaboration with EYE she organized the legendary Osaka party “eep”, and participated in “FLOWER OF LIFE” which had a huge impact on the Japanese party scene and is still talked about from generation to generation. YAMA has also participated in major projects such as the 2009 total solar eclipse party "L.S.D TOUR" and the 2012 annular solar eclipse party "MUSICO 6". Her ability to lock the floor with a stable sense of groove is well-regarded. She has played at the renowned PRECIOUS HALL in Sapporo, a sacred place for house music, and has also appeared as a guest at techno parties such as FUTURE TERROR.
Her sets mainly feature dance music such as house, techno, and breakbeats, but her performances vary widely featuring experimental, chill-out, jazz, and more.

MAX PELA (Afrobeta Bodega / BABALÚ)

Afrobeta Bodega / BABALÚ

Max Pela is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, the mecca of electronic music in Latin America. He began DJing in the late 90's, and from 2001 to 2003 was the resident DJ at club "Ocho Puertas". His name spread and in 2006 he made his way to the United States becoming a resident at Carlos Mena’s party “Bembe” in Miami and Boston.
In 2008 he began “Uhuru Afrika” in Boston, and in 2011 was appointed resident DJ at the New York party “Are You Afro?”. In 2013, he founded his own party “House Of Pela” where he invites famous DJs from around the world as guests, fostering powerful DJ collaborations.
Deep House legend Osulade has appointed Pela as his younger brother and the duo perform together mixing music and styles. Max Pela continues to spread Deep House and Afro House around the world with his performances, and is involved in various production projects, podcast radio broadcasts, and events through AFROBETA BODEGA.

YUKARI BB (Jazzy Sport Kyoto / Sounds Familiar / KJCC )

Jazzy Sport Kyoto / Sounds Familiar / KJCC

YUKARI BB started her career as a record buyer at Dance Music Record in Shibuya, then moved to England after she began DJing. Since returning to Japan, she has managed the Japanese branch of Juno Records. Currently she belongs to Jazzy Sport Kyoto and is also a member of the Kyoto Jazzy Creative Council.

Tickets チケット

Venue 会場


CLUB METRO is Japan’s oldest and most innovative club. It has been in operation since 1990 and is well known as both a Nightclub and concert hall. METRO has long been at the forefront of the Kansai culture and arts scene. Its reputation has spread outside of Japan; artists on the global leading-edge are regularly invited to perform.

B1F, 82 Shimotsutsumi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8396
Open in Google Maps
Near exit 2 at Jingu-marutamachi Station on the Keihan line.

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