Kian in Amanohashidate (Bamboo Tea House)

The bamboo tearoom ‘Kian’, is an architectural structure made from the minimum amount of bamboo necessary to make the space look like a tearoom.
Kian has pillars and a roof, but no ceiling or walls, making it the ultimate simple structure, and invites you to experience the spirit that considers imperfection beautiful. By incorporating the surrounding scenery into it, Kian is completed as a tea room in the imagination of the person who enters.
This 'mobile bamboo teahouse' will be set up in the pine forests of Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, where visitors can experience a special tea ceremony with spring water and sweets from the area, while enjoying the beautiful pine forests and the calm inland sea. Reservations are required.

Saturday 7 October

13:00- / 13:20- / 13:40-
14:00- / 14:20- / 14:40-
15:30- / 15:50- / 16:10-
16:30- / 16:50- / 17:10-

2,500 yen (includes matcha and tea sweets)

2 participants per session

Important Notice
Participants will be photographed or videoed for archival purposes. Please inform an on-site staff if you do not wish to be photographed or videoed.

Timetable タイムテーブル

Time table Time table

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