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Forest Stage

Meet maika and Mirai Matsumoto, a brother-and-sister acoustic sound unit rooted in 'Catherina's Forest,' their home base, where they craft a diverse range of ancient musical instruments, including pipes, strings, and percussion, while planting trees and venturing into the mountains. Their music, grounded in nature, humanity, life, music, and art, is a blend of traditional jazz, ancient music, and folk, offering a pureness that will bring tears to your eyes. Join them for an enchanting quartet performance on the forest stage with Naoya Wada and Tsuyoshi Maeda.

maika: Vocal / Fiddle
Mirai Matsumoto : Vocal / Guitar etc...

Support guest
Naoya Wada: Base, Gittern, Whistle
Tsuyoshi Maeda: Taiko (Japanese drum)

Artist アーティスト


Formed in 2004, this brother-and-sister acoustic sound unit is led by maika (vocal / fiddle) and Mirai Matsumoto, who is also a maker of ancient musical instruments. Since its formation, they have been based in Yamakamachi, Oita Prefecture, and has continued to express music from a small place, making sounds that come from a life rooted in craftsmanship and earth, and creating trad, old music and folk, which are their musical roots, with free arrangements and styles. The duo has released four albums after an international tour of 20 shows in New Zealand in 2007. Their self-produced albums have been long sellers in the indie scene, and they have also produced music for films. They have also performed with many musicians and have organised the 'sing bird concert', a music festival in the Katerina Forest, which they design the forest focusing on the fusion of the natural environment and people, music, art and life for 14 years. Their activities have attracted many and they have become a core transmittor of expression from the region.
They also produce video works with photographer Rinko Kawauchi.
In 2019, they released 'Kanata' under the name of baobab+haruka nakamura.
They toured Scotland in May 2022.

Naoya Wada


Tsuyoshi Maeda


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